The ”Vasile Goldiș” University Press further publishes a number of journals which are in process of indexing in the international databases. Just like all of our journals, these are also published in open access without any article processing charges.

Jurnal Medical Arădean
(Medical Journal of Arad)

ISSN 1224-3744
eISSN 2067-7790

Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldiș Arad – Seria Științe ale Educației, Psihologie și Asistență Socială
(Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldiș – Sciences of Education, Psychology and Social Assistance )


Analele Grădinii Botanice Universitare Macea
(The Annals of the University Botanical Garden of Macea)


Natura-Biologie Seria III
(Natura – Biology Series III)


Studia Iudaica Aradensis
ISSN 1841-2335