Series editor

Danijela Vučević, M.D., PhD, University of Belgrade


Book series description

Illness is a unique human experience that is built into the general canvas of our civilization. Health-related issues worry both individuals and society in general on cultural, economic and political levels.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, most attention is paid to the efficiency and productivity of medicine, so the focus has shifted away from such important components as interpersonal, ethical and artistic aspects of medicine. Since each person’s perspective of illness is different from one another due to different cultures, religions, societies, and traditions, the series “Medical humanities” encompasses a wide range of topics, including the representation of illness and disability in literature and the arts, the ethical and social implications of new medical technologies, the history of medicine and disease, the experience of illness and caregiving, and the role of culture in shaping health beliefs and practices. Following up-to-date knowledge, this series offers an interdisciplinary approach to elucidating the human experience of illness and healthcare, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the complex scientific, philosophical, historical, cultural, social and religious issues that shape healthcare practices. This series will also serve to open up new vistas of study for readers.


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