Holocaust: genocide, antisemitism, collaboration


Series Editor

Emanuel – Marius Grec, Universität Heidelberg


Series description

This series explores the different entanglements of Holocaust history and memory in Romania, Europe, and beyond. It encourages works and approaches which focus on perspectives from below, trying to overcome political histories or normative methodologies that focus too much on intentionalist views of nation states as sole actors of genocide or antisemitic expression. Some of its foci lie in the exploration of multiple understandings of collaboration in various parts of Europe and the world, diverse outlooks on perpetration, mass murder, and ethnic cleansing, as well as a diversified geographical focus in relation to genocide and antisemitism. Lastly, it strives to promote critical thinking by encouraging comparative genocide studies, accepting studies on genocides as a way of underscoring differences, discussing particularities of the Holocaust and other events of mass murder throughout history.