Series Editor

Veselin Mitrović, PhD, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of National Significance for the Republic of Serbia, vmitrovic@idn.org.rs


Series description

In our rapidly changing world, understanding the intricate relationship between communities and crises is paramount. Our newly launched book series delves into the heart of sociological perspectives on crisis and disaster. The series aims to discuss the resilience of communities facing adversity, offering insights into their preparedness for disaster, responses to it, recoveries, and transformations. From natural disasters to social and political crises, this series will provide a comprehensive analysis of societal dynamics during times of upheaval. By examining the interplay between individuals, communities, and the broader social structures, this series will offer a nuanced understanding of how communities not only survive but also thrive amidst challenges.


Book proposals

This series only accepts book proposals in English. We are looking forward to receiving proposals of edited collections, monographs, or proceedings. The series encourages book proposals from early-career researchers.

For proposal submissions, please contact the series editor at vmitrovic@idn.org.rs, as well as Teodora Artimon at artimon.teodora@uvvg.ro.