The book review process at the the „Vasile Goldiș” University Press is done in several stages, as follows:

  • Stage 1: the first review of a publication proposal – done by the director of the Press and/or the Advisory Board
  • Stage 2: the second review of a publication proposal – done by the series editor in which the book will be published
  • Stage 3: the review of the book itself. This stage includes various types of review, depending on the type of the book. In case of a monograph, the volume will be reviewed in extenso by two reviewers. In case of an edited collection, each individual article will be reviewed by two reviewers.


In case of edited collections, all the reviews are done through a double blind peer review. This means that each article will anonymized and then evaluated by two anonymous reviewers. The final decision on the article will be taken by the editor of the volume after they have taken in account the evaluations of the two reviewers.

In case of a monograph, the manuscripts will also be evaluated by two reviewers. The decision on the publication of the volume will be made by the Advisory Board, together with the director of the Press, after they have taken in consideration the evaluations of the two reviewers.


Before any volume or article is published, it is run through our similarity-check program. If the manuscript does not reach our publication standards in terms of originality, it will not be published. The maximum allowed percentage of similarity is 12% – this includes direct citations and bibliographic lists.


In order to assure high-standard publications, publishing revenue has no influence on editorial decisions.

The selection process is based on scientific value which is why the peer review process stands at the core of our publishing process. We hold three key partners in the peer review system accountable for maintaining ethical standards and divide their responsibilities as follows:

The Editor. The duties of the editors include the final decision on publication, fair play, confidentiality, involvement and cooperation in investigations, disclosure, and attention to conflicts of interest.

The Author. Author duties include meeting academic standards, seeking originality, acknowledgement of sources, avoidance of plagiarism, multiple or redundant publication, as well as attention to errors in published works.

The Peer Reviewer. The duties of the reviewers include the contribution to the editorial decision, objectivity, confidentiality, promptness, attention to and checking for plagiarism, disclosure and attention to conflicts of interest.