7 Ways to Handle Objections (eBook)

7 Ways to Handle Objections in Sales, Direct Sales and Network Marketing, eBook

Author: Emanuel H. Popa

eISBN: 978-973-664-962-2

Pages: 106

Publication year: 2024

This eBook is published in open access. You can freely download it below.

Over 15 years ago, Emanuel Popa ended up in a company that sold telecommunication services. He was living in the USA at the time. Little did he know that it was a direct selling company. Several months after that, he returned to Romania and attended his first personal development event with that company. In the past 15 years, Emanuel became a professional in the network marketing and direct sales industry, having had the chance to train thousands of people and speak in many countries to inspire and train people. He invested a lot in his personal growth and his personal skills. He built many teams from scratch and sold numerous things in the last fifteen years, all this giving him the experience, know-how and position to help other succeed.

In this book you will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of your WHY
  • Connect better with others without offending them
  • Ask good questions when given objections
  • Master the best ways to handle objections
  • Ways to efficiently close someone in your sales process
  • Tell your story in an attractive way that helps you sell
  • Connect better with other for better relationships

This eBook is published in open access. You can freely download it here:

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7 Ways to Handle Objections in Sales, Direct Sales and Network Marketing


Emanuel H. Popa

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”I thoroughly enjoyed reading Emanuel's book. I love the way he takes complicated material and breaks it down so beginners can easily understand it. This book will help anybody who is looking to improve their abilities in the area of sales.”
Marc Accetta, Co-founder Life Mastery Trainings, International renowned trainer

“This book is the difference between impressing on how to sell and sell. Everything that Emanuel Popa analyses in this book can be applied even for junior school kids, and can make money even to the most experienced sales people. A powerful bible of sales that people should read.”
Stavros Zenonos, Co-founder Life Mastery Trainings, entrepreneur

“Emanuel Popa simplifies the complex with expertise and passion. His love for helping others shines through in Seven Ways to Handle Objections, a testament to his commitment to excellence and personal growth. A true embodiment of what’s possible when pride and dedication meet.”
Abel Prieto, International Director of inCruises, entrepreneur

“Emanuel Popa’s first book really dives into the real world of sales. His stories and analogies that he uses from the last 20 years of his life, helps even a new salesperson to follow the right path of growing his business. The 3 F method he explains and the Appendix 2 are pure gold since they are used as techniques by the most successful business people.”
Panos Salas, Public speaker and sales coach

“This book has the potential to utterly transform your sales results! It makes closing sales so easy that it almost feels like using cheat codes for your business! Over more than a decade of close friendship with Emanuel Popa, I have witnessed firsthand his love for people and adding value to them. So you know you are not only using powerful and effective techniques, but also strategies that are born out of pure and impeccable ethics!”
Andrei Gabor, Sales Faculty Maxwell Leadership, renowned sales expert

“Emanuel Popa explains the reality and the truth about how to understand sales. This approach of sales could be duplicated by each sales person within any organization. What I can truly say about this book is that in order to understand how to sell, it is important to understand what selling really means, to your values. This is what Emanuel does magnificent throughout the book.”
Vlad Cioara, CEO & Founder Braveman Consulting

“Ever since we were in college together, I saw in Emanuel a great potential to teach and share value with others, and now this is confirmed again through his first book. Seven Ways to Handle Objections is a practical guide with lots of practical examples that make this guide easily applicable in both business and personal life. The focus on the importance of asking questions in a negotiation process shows me extremely clear that Emanuel understood very well the heart of negotiation, which is collaboration and integrity in the process. Also, I want to salute his courage to show his status of believer in God, integrating in the book a few examples of the Teacher.
Thank you Emanuel for this book. It will be a very helpful instrument for us all.”
Mihai Tandea, Trainer & Facilitator

“A great guide to overcoming objections that's as straightforward as it is effective! In 'Seven Ways to Handle Objections', Emanuel Popa delivers a passionate approach to tackling the challenges that often stand in the way of success. What sets this book apart is its refreshing simplicity. Emanuel presents a clear and concise roadmap for navigating objections with confidence and finesse. From understanding the root of objections to crafting compelling responses, every step is laid out in a way that's easy to grasp and even easier to implement. But what truly sets this book apart is Emanuel Popa's undeniable passion for the subject matter. With each turn of the page, you can feel the enthusiasm leap off the words, igniting a fire within you to tackle objections head-on. His genuine belief in the power of overcoming obstacles is infectious, leaving you inspired and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or someone just starting out on their journey, this is a must-read.”
Efrosyni Adamides, Founder of Freedom Creators